What is HiveDrive?

HiveDrive is a decentralized openBIM project management and CDE (Common Data Enviroment) software that enables live collaboration, simultaneous working and sharing of complex engineering, architecture, mechanical design and graphic design data, bringing the Web3 and Distributed Ledger Technology protocols of Blockchain to the world of Construction.

Why decentralized?

HiveDrive is neither a generic generalist cloud system nor a rigid service offered vertically by proprietary third-party platforms, centralized and closed to a single software portfolio. HiveDrive creates private networks based on ownership and security of data and performance:

  • data ownership and security within the corporate or project perimeter are preserved through the principles of DLT (Distribute Ledger Technology) by fragmenting information among participating PCs and applying peer-to-peer technology; in addition, a system of permissions and authorizations is generated on individual files and approval workflows necessary for project implementation
  • performance and improved perfomance while working is enabled through peer-to-peer technology coupled with deduplication and Smart Sync, allowing only changes on files to be saved, and unlike a cloud service, as the number of collaborators on the same file increases, the sources and consequently the data rate increases, and not vice versa

Why openBIM?

HiveDrive is a software specifically designed for the Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical and Graphics sectors that, being natively integrated with the operating system, allows to read all file formats, from all design software, creating a true openBIM live collaboration system. Collaboration is only real if it can embrace all the different needs and peculiarities of professionals, and connect different software to create a system that is truly cross-platform and not exclusivist.

HiveDrive modules

HiveDrive consists of different components:

  • HiveDrive Client: software, installed on individual machines, enables:
    • a virtual private network disk, which allows you to create projects, folders, and the custom encrypted storage system
    • a chat communication system with instant messaging that remains within the project at all times
    • a simplified project management for designers and managers
  • HiveDrive Gateway: a portal to manage some important activities in HiveDrive also directly from the web:
    • accept or decline invitations
    • leave projects that you are no longer a part of
    • delete or disable the computers on which you were running the software
    • create and manage one or more HiveDrive HUBs
  • HiveDrive HUB: a free add-on designed for all professionals and design firms that need to work collaboratively between multiple locations, with different time zones, or otherwise asynchronously. Thanks to HiveDrive HUB, it is possible to build a "private cloud" infrastructure no longer by outsourcing the service but by obtaining specific economic, technical and functional advantages, or alternatively migrate to a hybrid cloud model ("hybrid cloud") by working with a new and dynamic logic oriented to flexibility with the aim of getting the best out of the various modes
  • HiveDrive Smartphone App: a smartphone application is designed to bring always with you HiveDrive chat and HiveDrive Gateway features, even when you are not in the office, travelling or unable to work on a PC
  • HiveDrive Add-on: adds functionality to design software currently in use. First available compatibility is with Autodesk Revit and Microsoft Office, but the same add-ons are currently being in development for the majority of the most common design platforms in use


The HiveDrive Support Team is active Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CEST.
Support activities are managed through a ticketing system, which can be reached at the following link: https://support.hivedrive.eu/, guaranteeing response or any remote intervention request within 24-48 hours. Support is declined depending on the current activated version of the software, as follows:

  • HiveDrive Essential: bug reporting activities (which are not guaranteed to be resolved but merely taken care of)
  • HiveDrive Professional: support via ticket or agreed remote connection
  • HIveDrive Enterprise: phone, ticket, or email support with customized consultations and schedules upon request


HiveDrive is a product developed and distributed by Software House and Consulting Company SilentWave srls based in Treviso, Italy. All rights are reserved.

Terms and conditions

The following are the terms of use that each user is required to abide by: