Who we are

After 10+ year experience in Information Technology working for global corporations, in 2014 we decided to take a big step ahead starting our own business.

Having a strong background in complex working ecosystems such as Mechanical Engineering or Building Industry, we focused our attention on helping companies to improve internal and external collaboration.

If there’s one thing we learned on the beat is that communication is a key, so over years we put all the efforts to develop software enabling information and tasks to be better organized and shared.

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HiveDrive Timeline

  • 2016

    Development of the first HiveDrive prototype

  • 2017

    First alpha test of the MVP to a selected team of professionals

  • 2018

    Version 1.0 release and Italian tour at the major design studios for validation

  • 2019

    Pivot of the project based on positive/negative feedback from the first 100 users

  • 2022

    Release of new version 2.0 and add-in for Autodesk Revit with official launch on the market

    Participation as exhibitors at the first trade show in Italy (SAIE Bologna)

    Participation as exhibitors at the first European trade show (Innovation Stage at BIMWORLD, Munich)

    BIM&DIGITAL Award finalist project (Italy)

    Innovation World Cup finalist project (Germany)

    Project shortlisted as a finalist for the bSI Awards (Canada)

  • 2023

    Version 2.1 release with new Project Management and Web File Access module

    Achievement of first 300 active users in Europe (with collaborations extended to user offices located in the Rest of the World)

    Participation as exhibitors at the BIM Coordinators Summit (Dublin, Ireland)

    Initiation of contacts for the creation of a distribution network in Italy and in some European countries

Meet The Team

We bring the right people together to ride the wave of changing.

Renato Caenaro
Founder & CEO

Diego Ganeo

Fabio Tantaro
COO & Investor Relator

Chantal Pivetta
Private Research Assistant, PhD Candidate Lund University

Paolo Borin
Researcher, Tenure-track Assistant Professor Brescia University

Diego Minato
BIM Consultant

Luigi Trabacchin
R&D Software Engineer

Nicola Palma
R&D Software Engineer

Ghevi Sartor

Chiara Pivetta

Anti-stress Manager

Join our team and help changing the way people work


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Grow – Learn something new every day. Ask for feedback.

Collaborate – Put your ideas on the table. Leave your ego out of the door.

Succeed – Work hard in silence. Let your achievement makes the noise.

Investing in HiveDrive

Since 2014 we develop products and solutions that make collaboration easier, faster and more effective. If you might be interested in investing into our fast growing tech company, please contact our Investor Relator for private invitation-only discussion and pitch deck sharing.

Investor Relator Fabio Tantaro investor@silentwave.eu
Fabio spent last years working as a General Manager for a US based startup owned by a private equity fund. He was invited and lately graduated at Y-Combinator Startup School and over time becoming member of the Startup Communities at Techstars. He also had experience in Europe as a startup founder being selected as a Finalist at MassChallenge Switzerland Accelerator and Hangar 51 London Program. Most recently he joined the online incubator Startup Builder powered by Startup Geeks as a mentor.