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Accelerate your openBIM digital workflow

Enable live and decentralized collaboration, concurrent working and sharing of complex Engineering, Architectural, Mechanical and Graphic Design data between members of one team or several teams made by single or multiple members, bringing Web3 and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) protocols to life.
BIM Digital Award

Bologna, Italy
2022 Finalist

Innovation world cup finals

Munich, Germany
2022 Finalist

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Montréal, Canada
2022 Shortlisted to the bSI Award Final

Build your own alternative hybrid or private cloud and stop storing your files on third-party web repositories, with HiveDrive: your decentralized and most affordable project planning and CDE platform on the market!

protect your data with a decentralized web3, dlt, non-cloud solution

Collaboration makes easy with powerful tools to simplify how work gets done

HiveDrive is the collaborative tool you need to integrate with your current planning platform with project management features, web portal to protect intellectual property through an authorization system, direct instant messaging on projects and live blackboard to work simultaneously with professionals located in different places.

Share faster

Tired of long waiting times while you are sharing data in big project?
HiveDrive helps you exchanging files and ideas quickly and safely.

Communicate better

Are you struggling with miscommunication or misunderstanding causing errors or delays?
HiveDrive helps you connecting with each member of a team easily and directly on a project or a file.

Work at once

Did you ever experience concurrent work on complex files?
HiveDrive helps you increasing productivity managing tasks and priorities properly and simultaneously.

HiveDrive is helping me managing and tracking projects daily, solving my long-lasting problems of sharing file and communicating instructions to my external collaborators about multiple work revisions during time.

Diego Minato, RevitLandia BIM Manager

Not an ordinary cloud service

HiveDrive is the only software on the market that allows you to easily build the perimeter where your project files are saved, archived, shared and worked on.

Unlike the other cloud services offered by all players in the construction sector and by generalists, HiveDrive is not a simple "pay, upload and access files online" but with small tricks you can use the tools and infrastructure you already have at your disposal to have your own proprietary and exclusive cloud, improving IT security and performance.

The combined installation of HiveDrive Client + HiveDrive HUB, in addition, allows you to solve problems that may arise when working with colleagues and professionals located in different offices, different countries, different time zones.

hivedrive hub is helping create an alternative to cloud

Protect your business from the Cloud Act

Because of the Cloud Act, US intelligence can access data stored by US cloud providers, even if the data is stored outside the US. This is a problem when it comes to your and your customers' sensitive data. HiveDrive, thanks to its decentralized system, protects and encrypts your data, divided into redundant chunks and distributed on geo-delimited peer-to-peer networks. And you can enjoy these benefits even if your company is based in the United States.
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Data protection is critical

With a single distributed workspace, you have control of your data at any time, enabling disk encryption to prevent unauthorized access to projects or file copying while the history of document changes permits data retrieval on a specific date when necessary.

Unveil HiveDrive HUB potential
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Performance at its best

With smart incremental file synchronization and distribution of just data that has changed between users' workstations, performance in the data dissemination becomes more and more efficient as far as the number of users that is part of the project increases.

Unveil HiveDrive HUB potential

Just a few clicks away

HiveDrive disrupts the old way data management within complex projects was imagined. It’s easy to set up and use, reducing long and painful process of learning new software.